Meet The Team

With our “same vet promise,” you’ll always see a familiar face who knows you and your pet, ensuring continuity of care and a deeper understanding of your pet’s health history.

Meet Rory, one of the passionate founders of Forestside Veterinary Clinic, hailing all the way from Dublin! Graduating from UCD in 2014, Rory’s journey has taken him across continents, from Canada to adventures in Australia and New Zealand. Now, he proudly calls Belfast home for the past three years.

With a warm and engaging demeanor, Rory’s main focus at Forestside Veterinary Clinic is building relationships with clients. He excels in communication, ensuring pet owners feel heard and understood every step of the way. Alongside his dedication to client care, Rory harbors a deep interest in dermatology and pain management, constantly striving to improve the quality of life for his furry patients. Rory, having spent six months specialising in greyhound medicine at a veterinary clinic in Melbourne, is thrilled to care for retired greyhounds in South Belfast

Rory’s love for animals extends beyond the clinic doors, where he shares his home with his golden retriever, Ben, and a cat named Ron. Outside of his veterinary endeavors, Rory is a water enthusiast, finding solace and joy in swimming. On land, you’ll often find him enthusiastically participating in any ball sport he can get his hands on.

Meet Andrew McQuade, co-founder of Forestside Veterinary Clinic and a proud Belfast native.

Andrew’s journey in veterinary medicine began after graduating from University College Dublin in 2014 and initially took him to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, serving as a mixed animal vet for four fulfilling years. Following this, Andrew made his way to London, where he worked as an emergency and critical care vet near Buckingham Palace. Rumor has it that he even had the honor of treating a few royal corgis during his tenure there!

Returning home to Belfast, Andrew found his passion in surgery, whether it be a late-night cesarean section or performing a cruciate ligament repair, Andrew is happiest in the operating room. He is also deeply committed to animal welfare, collaborating closely with local councils to protect vulnerable animals in the community. With previous experience as a zoo vet, Andrew is more than equipped to handle whatever exotic pet walks, flies, or slithers through the doors of Forestside Veterinary Clinic.

Outside of work, Andrew is an avid runner who recently conquered the Dingle marathon (though he swears it’s a one-time endeavor!). He’s also a DIY enthusiast, always tinkering away on projects, and enjoys nothing more than embarking on adventures with his faithful black Labrador, Harris.

Meet Amanda, our dedicated registered veterinary nurse with over a decade of experience in the field. Originally from Canada, Amanda’s adventurous spirit led her to convince Rory to keep travelling, taking them on exciting journeys through Australia and New Zealand before settling in Belfast.

Amanda has a passion for anaesthesia and surgical nursing, always wanting to learn more and improve her skills. She also holds a diploma in veterinary physiotherapy, and loves helping patients in their road to recovery from surgical procedures and improving the comfort of our patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys attending the weekly park run and boxing in the gym. When she is not there, she’s likely scouting the latest dog-friendly café to spend quality time with her Golden Retriever, Ben. Additionally, Amanda’s compassionate nature extends beyond her canine companion; she rescued Ron, her ginger cat, from the cold streets of Leeds during her time working there. With her expertise, enthusiasm, and unwavering dedication to animals, Amanda is an invaluable asset to our veterinary team, committed to providing top-tier care to all furry friends who come her way.

Our Mission

At Forestside Veterinary Clinic, our mission is to provide exceptional care for every patient, cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients, and prioritise the well-being and growth of our dedicated staff. Through compassionate, personalised service, we aim to create a nurturing environment where both animals and humans feel valued, supported, and empowered in their journey towards optimal health and happiness.

Our Vision

At Forestside Veterinary Clinic, our ambition is to provide the best service and care for our patients and clients. We do this as a team, by respecting, trusting and supporting each other and by having fun; we want our staff to thrive, not just survive. As a new clinic, we’re creating our own path in the vet world.

The history of our building

Built in c1885, Galwally Lodge served as the old gate lodge to Galwally House. It was originally built as a home for the manor’s gardener, his family and their Irish Wolfhound “Finn.”

However, everything changed during World War 1. In 1917, both the manor and lodge were repurposed into a hospital to try and help keep up with the growing demand of medical patients.

When Galwally House was converted into Drunkeen Hotel (and associated disco) the lodge went its own way, passing through various hands, housing everything from engineers to funeral directors over the years, before eventually becoming unoccupied in recent times

That takes us up to March 2023 when Andrew and Rory took on the challenge of giving the lodge a new lease of life as a veterinary clinic. While working very closely with the Historic Environment Division we are hoping to bring Galwally Lodge back to its medical roots but this time treating different species (at least we hope so!).