Dental Treatment at Forestside Veterinary Clinic

Dental disease is very common in our pets: In fact, over 70% of our patients will start to show signs by 3 years of age. Our pets are very good at hiding disease and particularly dental disease. Initially, the signs are subtle such as bad breath and mild gum reddening but can progress to more advanced diseases where the treatment involves the removal of teeth. This can all be happening behind the lips even though the animal is still eating well. However, we know dental disease is a source of chronic pain and through careful removal of rotten teeth, we can instil a new lease of life into some of our older pets. Luckily, we have a high-quality dental table and machine to allow us to take on all dental challenges from easier scale and polishes to more challenging extractions.

Whenever we do dental at Forestside Veterinary Clinic we are always conscious to use local nerve blocks to help reduce any discomfort associated with the procedure. We will always perform our dental procedures under a general anaesthetic as this allows a complete dental procedure to be performed safely, to a high standard and pain-free.

However, we are not all about dental procedures. At Forestside Veterinary Clinic we are very proactive on prevention. All our vets and nurses will gladly pass on advice on how to reduce the frequency of dental procedures required. The most successful way of doing this is through toothbrushing using special enzymatic toothpaste but there are also food additives, diet and gels that can be used. We will discuss your pet’s dental health at our routine consultations and yearly vaccinations. Alternatively, you can call us for advice or book in with our Nursing Team for one of their scheduled free dental checks.

Your pet is in safe hands here at Forestside Veterinary Clinic